Agency212 has developed a three-step planning protocol called "Inside/Outside Planning." The protocol serves to distill the many thoughts, opinions and goals of client, agency ("inside") and potential customers ("outside") into a single-brand promise that is distinctive, ownable and actionable. This process will also help us to identify a strategy that will allow us to create a category of sorts as opposed to competing with the big guys (read: Big Bucks). Inside/Outside Planning is a thorough, introspective and fun process that has a track record of helping to uncover new ideas and insights that have the potential to increase sales.

Six Guiding Principles

It's difficult to see the picture when you are inside the frame.

Knowledge is the process of piling up facts. Wisdom lies in their simplification.

People aren't interested in you, they're interested in themselves.

The competition doesn't stand still.

When you capture consumers' minds you gain interest, but when you capture their hearts you gain commitment.

It's not creative unless it sells.