The Tucker Partnership is a communications company with roots that date back to the late 1980's. That is when Bill Tucker, CEO of The Tucker Partnership, left his position as EVP Account Management at arguably the most creative agency from that era, Scali, McCabe, Sloves, to open a "Creative Boutique" with Frank Lowe. The company grew to $60 million in billings at breakneck speed and was highly acclaimed as a creative force in the industry (Read: They were nominated for and won more awards than they could fit in their offices). When Frank sold his agency network to IPG, the seeds for The Tucker Partnership were planted.

As with any new venture, those seeds needed a little boost. Some extra help, if you will. So Bill Tucker turned to what he knew best...motor oil. Nobody could boast automotive aftermarket experience like Bill, and when it came to motor oil in particular...he was a downright expert. That's why the people at Quaker State quickly signed on The Tucker Partnership to steer new product development and market innovations.

The Tucker Partnership is more than our name suggests, however. Yes, we're a partnership. Yes, we have a guy named Tucker running things. However, unlike a typical boutique advertising agency that might be owned by a gargantuan holding company, we're a boutique holding company that joins together other agencies with gargantuan talent.

We say that only somewhat tongue-in-cheek, because for many years agencies avoided the "boutique" word. Mainly because it conjured up in prospective clients' minds things like "Two men and a dog" or, "There's nothing behind the curtain." What The Tucker Partnership brings to the table is a stable business environment for very talented boutique agencies. We provide the "critical mass." Because as much as everyone says "it's all about the people," people are not really enough. The clients must be convinced you can actually get the job done. We can. And because it really is all about very talented people, we free them up to do what they do best. Create brilliant strategies and bring them to life with kick ass creative.

Every agency claims the same-old, same-old..."we do it all, strategy, media, creative..." The fact is, if you don't boast all those services, you are not in business. So, what makes us different? As a "Boutique Holding Company," we're able to go beyond the bounds of a full-service agency. We tap into our unique resources that are right down the hall. Each of The Tucker Partnership agencies (including their creatives, media people, account managers, and producers) all work in tandem with each other. It's a synergy and symbiosis you won't find anywhere else.

Our philosophy is to find agencies that fit with us and encourage them to continue the entrepreneurial spirit (after all, the quickest way to snuff out the "spirit" is to buy a controlling share of an entrepreneur's company). We believe you need a certain electricity to fuel the creative drive. If you think you'd like to join us you can visit our "critical mass" agency site at and then call Bill Tucker at 212.994.6601. If you think you'd like to hire us, we'd love to tell you more in person.

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